Saturday, 30 May 2009

PKN May 27th

Anna Antoniades presenting at Pecha Kucha Night the 62 vol, in front of more than 400 people on the night that Pecha Kucha hit its 200th city.... A big night.

some images from Tokyo Made who came along to support.

thank you for everyone that came along.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

PechaKucha Night 62 - Wednesday 27 May 2009

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PechaKucha Night Volume 62
Wednesday 27nd May, that's TOMORROW!

Venue: SuperDeluxe
Doors open at 7.00pm
Get there early for good seats, great food and yummy Tokyo Ale

The presenters are... ( in no particular order... )

Audrey Fondecave : OK FRED
Anna Antoniades : Nana + Seven
Takeshi Masuda : Nikkei Architecture
Josh McKible : NaniBird
Lisa Harmey
Mark Cooke : Cooke Consulting
Shuji Mishima & Shinpei Maruyama
Shoshi Yamaguchi & Yo Hibino : Fostex
Andrew Shuttleworth : Akoni K.K.
Eric Sze-Lang Chan
Christian Houge
Keiji Ashizawa : Keiji Ashizawa Design
Mikkel Nielsen : Pecha Kucha Night Copenhagen
Klein Dytham architecture

You can find links to all the presenters and their work at

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.

Astrid & Mark and The PechaKucha Night Tokyo Team

Pecha Kucha Night is for CONTENT and not profit
As always - thank you for your amazing support

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Sunday, 17 May 2009


A couple of weeks ago Anna was invited by the infamous Jean Snow to
take part in this months Pecha Kucha night on, no May 27th !!!

Anna will be presenting her work and her relationship with fashion and
architecture. Come down on the 27th to see for yourself.... See you
there ....